What Do You Really Know About Robots?

You and your partner will work together to do the following task:

  1.  Come up with ideas you already know about robots and post them on the Padlet page by following this link:

What do we already know?

You should have a minimum of two things you already know.  Make sure you put your initials on each post as well.

2. Once you have done that you will go to the following link and follow the instructions watching at least 3 of the resources listed here:

What do you really know?

3.  You are your partner will now discuss what you have learned and add at least 2 posts (including your initials) to the following Padlet link:

What do we really know?

Choice Board Writing Reflection

  1.  Post your writing piece or a link to it.
  2. Underneath your piece, on the same blog post, answer the following:
  • I chose this piece because…
  • Something I think I did really well is… for example… (use something specific from your writing piece)
  • Something I think I still need to improve on in my writing is…

Be sure to use the entire prompt in your answers.

All responses should be grade 6 level.

Tween Health Challenge

Raegan and Kennedy-Stress

DJ and Zaylan-Smoking

Braydon-Healthy Eating

Amanda and Brieanne-Depression and Suicide

Ashton and Hunter S.-Concussion

Ethan and Hunter B.- Smoking

Angie-Water Safety

Devin and Colby-Alcohol

Alyssa and Hailey-Diabetes

Jersey and Savannah-Suicide

Tanyan and Ty-Energy Drinks

Nathan and Tallan-HIV and AIDS



Persuasive Writing

As you already know, we are working on making good believable arguments.  We have already practiced by choosing a rule we would like to change and some reasons as to why we think it should be changed.

Now we are going to move on to the next step of picking a different topic and this time we want to focus on reasons that are not just opinion, but have research to back them up.

You will need to start by picking a topic.  You may use one of the following topics or choose one of your own, remembering you need to pick one that is not just based on personal opinions.

  • Only healthy food should be sold in the canteen.
  • Our city should have a required curfew for children under a certain age.
  • Many people are convinced that violence on TV influences children and teens to be violent in real life.  Do you think that this is true?  Do you think that the violence on TV is responsible for increased violence among today’s youth?
  • Do you think that smoking should be made illegal?  Do you think that no one should be allowed to smoke at all?  Or, do you think the choice of smoking should be up to the individual person?
  • Should physical education remain a required course at your school?
  • There is controversy (argument) going on in the country about requiring seat belts in school buses.  What is your opinion?  Should seat belts be required in all school buses?
  • Vandalism is becoming a problem in today’s society.  Do you think teenagers who vandalize should pay fines or serve mandatory community service to help repair the damage?  Write an essay to convince your reader of your position.
  • Should there be a dress code at your school?
  • Should your school require uniforms?  Convince your reader why or why not uniforms should or should not be required in your school.
  • Children should be allowed to use cell phones in school.
  • Trophy hunting should be allowed or should be banned.

You will need to download the following planning sheet before you start your research:


Make sure you save your planning sheet in your ELA file on the H Drive.